Compassion And Care For Family Guardianships

As a loved one grows older, their needs will change. Taking on the responsibility of guardianship requires a careful and earnest commitment, so it is important that you discuss your needs with an attorney you trust.

Our firm, Ronald Fatoullah & Associates, has decades of experience guiding New York City families through the process of securing guardianship. When you meet with us, we will thoroughly discuss your loved one's care requirements to ensure that guardianship is the right option. Then, we will work to identify the best-fit person or people for the job.

Meeting Your Guardianship And Conservatorship Needs

As a guardian and conservator, you will be required to make decisions and estate management choices for your loved one, including decisions about establishing trusts or a will, planning to minimize tax burdens or establishing a Medicaid plan.

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Services Available Throughout New York City And Long Island

Don't wait until your loved one is unable to make decisions for themselves to establish guardianship. Securing their needs today can provide clarity through life's uncertainties and changes. We offer help to families of all means and circumstances, so you can be assured that we have the skills to plan for you, too.

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