Client Testimonials

One of the goals of the elder care lawyers, paralegals and support staff at Ronald Fatoullah & Associates is to exceed every client’s expectations. With that goal in mind, it is our aim to please, comfort and treat all our clients with respect, compassion and great care. Please see if we are achieving our goals by reading what our clients are saying about us…

“Extremely nice and helpful staff. They were reachable and I feltg they were interested in helping me.” 4/16

“Very satisfactory, pleasant, knowledgeable and friendly.”

“Everything was better than I expected” 4/4

“Debbie R. Was Most pleasant and knowledgeable concerning my particular case.”

“I would certainly recommend your firm to anyone in need”

“Every single interaction with Lian and Amy was professional and pleasant. Lian is a skilled knowledgeable, competent and trustworthy attorney.”

“My initial contact was with Ron Fatoullah and he was wonderful!” 3/2016

“The service was excellent and the personal attention the same”

“The attorneys were available and responsive”

“We received clear and concise answers to all out questions. More than enough time was allocated to our needs, providing a comfort level. The level of confidence exhibited by the firms professionals set a comfortable Tone with respect to assimilating information. Everyone we encountered exhibited an expert level of knowledge and experience. It afforded us detailed answers in a short period of time. I felt as though I was receiving advise from a member of my family – or at least from a family member I would want to have!!!” 3/11

“As a healthcare professional, I can say this is an excellent firm. The staff is excellent. They are always pleasant, helpful, and take their time to answer all questions.”

“Lian was brilliant. She was so caring and knowledgeable with our financial and legal issues. Many thanks to Lian” 3/01

“They are honorable, efficient and caring”

“This is a world class firm” 2/24

“Very devoted to their clients”

“Elizabeth is a master at her trade. We felt very confident in her hands. Very happy overall.”

“Pleasant, courteous, sticking to business, getting to the matter at hand and attending to it.” 1/29

“Prompt at keeping appointments”

“The experience so far was handled very professionally.” 1/25

“Willingness to go the extra mile to get the job done.”

“They listened to what we thought we needed, then guided us to what we really needed. They were attentive at all times and really seemed pleased to assist us.” 2/22

“Lian Kuang was wonderful and explained everything to us. I am completely satisfied.” 2/10

“Extremely positive.” Debby Rosenfeld was competent, professional and compassionate. I would highly recommend her! Terry was invaluable as well.” 2/04

“A Very good experience. Elizabeth Forspan was knowledgeable, communicated articulately, and has a pleasing personality. I was happy with the experience.” 2/4

“Very efficient in getting what we needed done. Pleasure working with lead attorney & staff. Firm knowledgeable in what is required. I would recommend Elizabeth Forspan to anyone who needed your services.” 1/22

“Debby is caring, knowledgeable and pleasant. Easy to talk to.” 1/8

“Best quality chocolates we ever tasted in your conference room! Thank you for everything.” 1/22/26

“My overall experience with the your firm was a pleasant one. All of my legal needs were met.” 1/16

“The staff was very knowledgeable and they were able to address all of my concerns.”

“I liked that the staff members were accessible and knowledgable.”

“My overall experience is that your firm is excellent.” 1/11/15

“Your firm’s strongest asset is its willingness to help people who have less money. The staff members were truly intelligent, articulate, on point, on time and overall, excellent.”

“The firm filled all of my legal needs wonderfully! Keep up being an excellent firm.”

“Overall my experience with your firm has been nothing short of amazing. From the first meeting through both legal matters. I have only compliments for the firm. I consider myself blessed to have been recommended to your firm. Your strongest asset is the level of knowledge of legal matters and the caring, professionalism that everyone I have worked with possesses! I am impressed by by the immediate responses I have received and the kindness and understanding Amy and Stacey have shown me. I like the way they “Brain-Storm” and never gave up.” 1/13/15

“There has been not one single time I have ever been disappointed. This is a firm that combines professionalism with human kindness and compassion.”

“It was very pleasant and timely. All aspects were handled well.”

“It was very pleasant and timely. All aspects were handled well.”

“It was very pleasant and timely. All aspects were handled well.”

“Your firm was highly recommended by another attorney and they were correct!”

“Excellent – Would highly recommend”

“Amy Wong was always available and knowledgeable”


“Exceptional knowledge and follow up.”

“Excellent service. They made it clear what I could expect and they delivered. A special thank you to them!”

“Very satisfying”

“Very Patient and helpful. Debby was excellent.”

“I was eternally Satisfied”

“Very happy -Debby Rosenfeld was extremely knowledgeable and worked well with my financial advisor. The staff is personable and professional.” 10/7/2015

Competent, helpful staff and lawyers.

Although they were always professional, they seem like regular people who care about a client as a person. They were helpful and sympathetic. 9/25/2015

Excellent service, awareness of all the facets of estate planning. Other than door to door limo service, I can’t think of any additional services this firm should provide.

“Our overall experience was excellent and the staff was cordial, knowledgeable and attentive”8/6/2015

“Very efficient!”

“Pleasurable, relaxing friendly and professional atmosphere. Very accommodating staff!” 4/6/2015

“Very High Quality Firm”

“Extensive knowledge of elder law”

“They answered my questions willingly, honestly and clearly.”

“Thank you for making my situation bearable!

“Good communication, competent attorneys and a pleasant atmosphere.”

“Perfect – It was trouble free and very professional. From day one to completion, I felt absolute confidence that all my needs were met. I was kept informed every step of the way. Very professional and very nice people!”

“I found my experience with the firm to be very positive. The staff member helped me understand any and all of my options and guided me in a very helpful way.” 1/2015

“My experience was very positive. Everyone I interacted with was kind, patient and professional. I liked the thoroughness in discussing my problems and weighing my best options. Your firm’s strongest asset would have to be its relation building skills.” 2/2015

I was very pleased with the experience. The staff were both professional, well trained, sensitive and pleasant. My husband felt the same.” 2/2015

knowledgable, friendly and accommodating staff. My lawyer took the time to answer all my questions. She was patient and responsive to my situation.

Very understanding and thoughtful in explaining their answers to our questions

Your Staff was so nice and caring! – 12/14/2014

Very informed about what we needed to know

The staff was very kind and understanding. They answered our questions and explained everything. We are very pleased with what was being done.

Professional, knowledgeable, attentive and accommodating!

Friendly, caring, professional willing to answer questions fully.

Everyone we dealt with was friendly, helpful and very competent. Beside their professional competence, I appreciated their personalities – kind and with a sense of humor and humanity.

Excellent experience! All problems and needs resolved and all our questions were answered!

Very courteous. All matters handled in a timely fashion. Special compliments to the staff.

They had highly specialized knowledge of the issue and the staff was very courteous.

Attorney Debby Rosenfeld is warm, attentive and provided information and alternatives.

The reputation of the firm is matched by the services which were excellent.

Welcoming, efficient, responsive, effective service.

Impressive offices & staff! Very courteous and attentive!

Met all our expectations!

Professionalism, competence, warmth, responsiveness, high level of expertise in all areas related to eldercare.

I always read Mr. Fatoullah’s column and he is very up to date on elder law matters. The staff was very patient, polite and concerned about my needs.

What I like most about this firm is their focus on issues that pertain to the elderly. The staff is efficient and polite. Stacy’s assistant was wonderful in helping to access my parents affairs and expedite the paper work quickly.

We were impressed with their prompt attention to our questions and concerns on Nursing home matters.

I was recommended by my accountant who saw Ron speak and was impressed with his presentation. Everyone should know about the firm and benefit as much as I have.

Satisfied! Satisfied! Satisfied!

All staff members made us feel extremely comfortable.

Debbie Rosenfeld did an excellent job of providing personalized service.

The firm came highly recommended and we were indeed very happy with the attention to detail and personal attention.

So grateful that we chose this wonderful firm. Thanks to all the wonderful staff. God bless you all!

Dear Mr. Fatoullah: I personally want to thank you for the courtesy, patience and professionalism you exhibited during our phone conference. I have attended many of the lectures you have given before the New York state Bar Association and your expertise always stood out in my mind. That’s why I chose you to consult with on behalf of my clients. What fails to come through in the lectures is the warmth and empathy you exhibited in our teleconference. Attorneys like you exhibit the qualities which attracted me to the profession many years ago.

Debby Rosenfeld and Susan Bauer went out of their way to follow up with us. Just wonderful women and a pleasure to work with!

Worked tirelessly until we were satisfied

Kept after us until we completed the documents. Professional, courteous, and down to earth!

First class communication skills

Personable, competent and knowledgable

Professionalism, hard- working staff

Patient in answering my questions as well as my mother’s.

Very Knowledgeable in elder law and the many facts of this specialized type of law.

Very professional, compassionate, & covered every area needed for my mother’s case

Everyone is extremely courteous and gracious – lovely atmosphere as far as offices

Ease of appointments, thorough explanation of everything, easy to understand

Ease of getting an appointment – Lian is lovely and kind

The firm inspires confidence and they are very helpful with the paperwork. I found them very friendly and accessible.

Professional excellence, courtesy, friendliness. Most of all-good results. I cannot imagine being more satisfied.

I love the professionalism, personal attention and the high standards of the staff. They are experts in their field and treat their clients with respect, patience, and kindness.

Expertise and affordable pricing, friendliness.

The staff was very helpful, kind and considerate, especially Debby Rosenfeld, she answered all of our questions and the staff was nice too!

I cannot imagine being more satisfied especially with Stacey Meshnick.

Excellent! Ronald Fatoullah, Lian, Josh Fatoullah (JR Wealth Advisors) and all the staff.

Your constant support provided me with comfort. Your staff members enabled me to understand in clear simple and concise terms the many legal issues and concerns regarding my mothers medicaid application.

Both Lian and Ellen were professional and friendly.

I was very concerned for my sister that I find a patient and caring firm, and you were the only firm that I called that had these qualities.

Ms. Meshnick took all the stress out of these procedures. Thank you very much for all your services.

I am very grateful to Debby Rosenfeld, as she explained everything very clearly and had patience for all my questions.

The staff was courteous and available to address all concerns.

Warm, friendly, interested in my problem.

I enjoy that I received your informational newsletter. Lots of articles I had never thought about reading.

Ms. Rosenfeld was thoughtful and personable in assisting me and provided a clear picture of what was needed, It was a pleasure to meet and work with her.


Very efficient!

Everyone was excellent, Stacey & staff!

I found the staff to be friendly, courteous, and supportive. I was happy and confident with the work.

It was a great experience. I feel that if I ever need an attorney in the future, I’ll come to you.

It was a pleasure dealing with your firm because of the professionalism, knowledge and competence of the staff, combined with their open and friendly manner.

My experience with the firm was excellent. All lawyers were very professional. The coordination of our case was outstanding and everyone was attentive and responsive to my needs.

The entire staff was knowledgeable and on the mark in all areas of my case and very attentive.

My Experience with your firm was painless! The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you!

The staff members were ready to please, and full of smiles. The attorney that handled my case was very, very, very nice and friendly as were all the assistants. Good crew!

Elizabeth and Eva were not only knowledgeable, but so caring. They made me feel like family. (7/3/18).

The team handled our case with the utmost attention and care. Accommodations were made to make the process as convenient and seamless as possible (6/18/18).

Staff was able to break down very complex and technical ideas to be easily understood (4/5/18).

Everyone was extremely nice and courteous! (3/19/18).